The TSA Beat

The Beat Episode 1: Dreams

Dreams. What are they? Why do we have them? What do they mean to you? Please join us for the first episode of the TSA Beat Podcast, where we explored the act, science and art of dreaming in all of its multiple facets.

Special Guests:
Toledo School for the Arts Faculty
Ken Burchett-Housholder, Pam Haywood, Carlyn Campbell-Johannes, Ciera Ford, Megan Aherne & Taylor Moyer
Dream Montage Contributors:
Elle Hurst, Avery Miller, Mackenzie Blackburn, Vance Raiti, Zoie Sime, Madelyn Tomaszewski & Madisyn Whaley
Original Music & Score:
Lucas Madrazo, Dream Louder & Lauren Balthrop
Created & Produced by:
Aubre Siler & Lucas Madrazo

The Beat Episode 2: The Underground

At Toledo School for the Arts, one of the looming elements in most students’ minds is recognition – visibility school wide as well as to our community at large. In this episode we wanted to focus on those of us that aren’t necessarily in that traditional spotlight. Perhaps even avoiding it in some cases. Those of us behind the scenes honing our craft. Those of us hustling under the radar. In this second episode of the TSA Beat, we’d like to welcome you to The Underground.

Special Guests

Jimesha Ragland (Senior)
Kyleigh Bialecki (Junior)  Instagram @starryskyes2674
DaNe’sia Barnett (Senior)
Gabe Pawloski (Senior)  Instagram  @realestsincekennedy
Joshua Lyphout (Senior)  Instagram @josh_.dl
Lucas Frost (Senior) Instagram  @_hovvard

Original Music and Score:
Dream Louder & Lucas Frost
Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello No. 2 in D minor performed by Josh Lyphout


Created and Produced by:
Aubre Siler & Lucas Madrazo

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